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Rats' Nests

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Spent five hours today going through boxes of smaller boxes and shredded styrofoam mixed with sticks, nuts and hulls, and what looked like insulation fibers all accumulated over the last 17 years in storage. Seeking treasures, I braved the strong smell of rat urine and other waste products opening every little box of 3.5" DD DS diskettes, labeled and not, today I was seeking rocker arm adjustment screws and nuts. At last I located them and dropped them into a small jar of apple cider vinegar to clean the rust from them. During the search I came accross 5 tachs, the original speedometer, temp gage and sensor, starter pull, amp gage, and other items from the dash. Placed all it clear plastic boxes or ziploc bags with labels.

The seller, bless her heart, found and brought to me, paperwork documenting ownership of both her car and the parts car along with an unopened plastic bag containing a new wiring harness. Great stroke of good fortune for me. THANKS Kim!

I ordered the body rubber today since both the base kit and the accessory kit were on sale at Moss right now. Altogether a good day.

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