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Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray - 26 oz.

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I am writing about this stuff because I am pretty impressed.

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I tried it as a "detail wipe down" at a recent car show.
I had driven perhaps 50 miles to get to the park & had a lot of bug splats to show for it.
I had ordered
"Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray - 26 oz." from Amazon for about $10.00 and put it in the boot; promptly forgetting about it.

When I pulled my chair out......there it was. So I set to work. I was immediately impressed how well it cleaned using a microfibre towel. reversing the towel to buff as I went I was done with the whole car in 15-20 minutes. The bugs didn't stand a chance. And the shine (black paint, chrome & glass) was top shelf.

Here is the Amazon description of the product:

  • No scratch formula conveniently and gently washes and adds wax protection in one easy step. Can be used anywhere with no hose, bucket, or rinsing
  • Advanced chemistry contains a water spot-free formula coupled with a high-lubricity that protects the surface against swirling and scratching as it gently cleans
  • Advanced polymer chemistry leaves behind a glossy, synthetic wax barrier that lasts weeks
  • Is safe and effective on all glossy paints and clear coat finishes, glass, chrome, polished metals, and plastic trim.
  • Ideal for those who do not have access to a hose, live in a city, or apartment, or are under water restrictions in your area

What's in ​
this stuff? I checked the website and on line, they are not saying.
but it works & works well. I no longer wash my car with water
(last thing I want to do is promote rust.)

additionally, every site that rates products give this stuff 4/5 stars.
for this price you just can't beat it.

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  1. 65_BRG_Sprite's Avatar
    That is now on my list for this weekend. Been looking for such a product.
  2. PC's Avatar
    If you find yourself going through a lot of it, it may be worth considering buying in bulk. They have an equivalent product in their professional Detailer line.

    It's sold as a concentrate in gallon jugs. A gallon feels pricey at first. But once you dilute it the cost per ounce is much lower.
  3. 65_BRG_Sprite's Avatar
    I finally used the product after it sat for several weeks waiting for me on the bench. Good stuff!