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#36. K&N air filters #56-9327

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After finding a reference or two in the forum & looking at the K&N web site. I was pleased to find these SU H6 compatible cotton fibre K&N filters.

they are not offset, so my first thought was " they will not clear the float bowl".
but that was not an issue. They fit nicely & look good & though it may be my perception, seem to make the TR3A run better, with quicker starts & more responsiveness at the accelerator.

It is necessary to nut & bolt the backplate on. Rather than just bolt into a welded nut, like on the old black air filters.
i used 5/16"-24 x 1-1/4", though 1" would work fine.

They came with thick cork gaskets, which I like.
i got them on Amazon for $70.00 each.
about the going rate for K&N's

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Updated 09-19-2015 at 03:10 PM by GTP1960

2015 1960 TR3A project


  1. GTP1960's Avatar
    The new K&N appear to about triple the air intake surface area, compared to the old "rock catchers".
    though I did not feel the need to enrich the fuel mix in my first test drive.
  2. GTP1960's Avatar
    The thick cork gasket is pictured in the fourth pic. It clearly works as a spacer for the center support bolt head.
    Therefore it is important not to over tighten the back plate and crush the gasket.
  3. GTP1960's Avatar
    Also FWIW, all of the independent tests that I've seen say that the K&N "filter charger" does not clean the air as well as a good old paper element. For example

    And around here, we get a lot of very fine, very abrasive dust in the air, especially when the Santa Ana winds are blowing.
    i looked up K&N studies regarding air flow & filtration:
    Randall is correct regarding some paper filters filtering better.

    however K&N 's position is that filtration vs. airflow is a manageable balance. They claim filtration of between 93-99% of dust particles,
    while offering superior airflow.
    (Basic philosophy: direct trade off of airflow vs. filtration; meaning the more you filter, the less you flow)

    i tend to agree, as the improved acceleration in my 3 & my truck is obvious & as far as the 3 goes anything filters better than the rock catchers
    Updated 10-07-2015 at 08:41 AM by GTP1960