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#22. Rear suspension

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Got the leaf springs lubricated and remounted, along with refurbished shocks, links and buffers.
The U bolts were a bit of a challenge. As they were spread past the holes in the plate. But with some large channel locks, to squeeze them with, it went pretty well.
placing the rear shackle took some effort as you have to hold the spring down with one hand as you slip the twin bolts of the shackles in place with the other.
inevitably the backside bushing wants to push out & a trial and error process begins to expose enough thread to get a nut on the shackle.
but once you get that far( I found that using a pickle fork as a backer & pounding on the front of the shackle plate with a hammer gave me enough exposed threads to get a purchase. )

as as recommended by forum thread, I lubricated the leaf springs with "slip plate" a graphite/oil combination aerosol. Haven't had the wheels on the ground yet for a true test, but that spray really seemed to work it's way in between the plates thoroughly.

So the the rear wheels are back on it, and I started the engine for the first time in 5 or 6 months to see if my re-wiring & electric fuel pump was ok.
( no radiator installed yet, so I just let her run a few seconds.

no problem I could see.

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  1. GTP1960's Avatar
    Follow up note on the Slip Plate Lubricant.
    it has remained in the rear springs for more than a year now.
    viscosity seems about the same. No squeaks.
    results are good. I recommend