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    Re: Visitor at 1:15AM

    Yeah. I remember hiking out west - I think Colorado or California, can't remember which - and there was a sign warning about mountain lions. I think some

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    Healey Nut

    Re: Backfiring Going Downhill

    Pops n burbles are normal on Healeys on overrun be it flat down hill or whenever that’s what makes the classic sound of a Healey .
    I recently

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    Re: Lucas 18ACR alternator conversion

    I don't know what the 'plugs' look like on a Stag, but this is the Fiesta 55 amp alternator on my ex' 74 TR6 which was truly 'plug and play' for that

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    Re: November 22

    On VE Day, I guess I was in school. Rogers Junior High School - 7th grade. I guess I found out when I got home.

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    Re: Electric Powered Rack & Pinion.

    Thanks...I am aware of the EPAS steering column.
    Looking for a suitable EPAS rack and pinion that would fit the TR.

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