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    Bob Hughes

    Re: 62 center shift gearbox

    My BJ7 leaked oil from some where inside the bell housing.

    I was forced to remove the gear box and bell housing when my clutch started slipping

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    Bob Hughes

    Re: Rear Lever shock, add oil?

    I found that my shocks squeaked if a bolt was slightly loose. For a banging noise to have occurred, and for the problem to be associated with the bolts,

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    Bob Hughes

    Re: Petrol Drains

    When I first had my car, I found that the tubes were coiled up and generally mangled. I set about gently straightening them and bought the two small brackets

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    Bob Hughes

    Re: Exhaust Manifold Flange Stud

    I am afraid that I took a different route with mine. I guess that I should have tried heat treatment first but I do not have a gas torch.

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    Bob Hughes

    Re: BJ7 heater blower vibration

    (not exactly getting more physically flexible as time passes either.)

    Join the club

    It comes with old age don't

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    AH 3000 BJ8 rear disc brake kits

    What is the latest type of conversion kit for rear disc brakes for 1964 BJ8 3000?

    Asuny64BJ8 11-07-2019 12:16 AM
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