• Turn signals - from working fine to gone!

    My newly acquired 78 MGB had everything working a month ago. Since then I have replaced both clutch cylinders and now the turn signals and four way flashers are gone. The fuses are fine and I pulled out the flasher and replaced it with one that was with the car in a bag so Iím not sure if it is old or new. Anyway, Iím new to the British car scene and would appreciate advice on a check list to isolate and fix this problem. Please help. 🤣
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      vette -
      Hello, My first idea is that you should move this question to the MG forum section of this web site. There are plenty of MG people there.
      But I can give a few things to look at since I have worked on many MGs. On the B's the connectors under the dash sometimes get disturbed and lose connection so make sure they are well seated. Also if you separated any of the connectors especially some under the dash then check them again because the plug configurations are so close that they can be intermixed. look closely at the wire colours to make sure you are putting the right plug to the right connector. Since you changed your master cylinders it is possible that you loosened some connections or reconnected them wrong. Go luck and talk to the boys and girls on the MG forum. Just hit forum buttom and scroll down.
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