• Do you own a German Exported Austin Healey?

    I own a German exported 1963 AH and am looking for others that might own one. In particular I need to find out exactly where the wiper switch should be located. On mine it is located on the left side of the dash near the top. I have struggled to place it there due to the close proximity to the temperature gauge. On other Healey's that's where the starter button is located and the wiper switch is mounted at the bottom. But of course on German exports the starter switch is mounted on the under side of the steering column. I believe I have the original dash but now I'm just not sure, the hole where I have the wiper switch currently mounted is too large for the switch to operate.

    Here's a couple pictures showing my German exported dash and a non-exported dash.

    Attachment 58797 Non-German export Healey. Note the wiper switch is lower left on dash.
    Attachment 58798My car, a German export. Note where the wiper switch is located.

    There are a few other differences shown here: (Also listed on the Certificate)
    Attachment 58801 Attachment 58802 Attachment 58803 Attachment 58804 Attachment 58805 Attachment 58806 Note the amber lights on front. Locking steering wheel under dash. Gauges in Celsius. raised license lamp.