• Matching Funds for Healey Museum Donations

    Some of you may already be aware that the Healey Museum in The Netherlands recently issued an invitation to Healey clubs to participate in a new fundraising effort to support its long-term future. For a yearly contribution of $5,000-10,000, a club achieves status as a "Gold supporting club" and is recognized by a plaque in the museum, and museum admission for its members is free for the year.

    The Austin-Healey Club of America is supporting this effort by offering matching funds, up to $2,500, for donations made by individuals and/or chapters. Many chapters have very healthy treasuries and a contribution to support the world's only Healey museum may be something that chapters would want to consider as a good purpose for some of their funds. Likewise, individuals may also contribute to the goal of reaching at least $2,500, which when combined with the matching funds means a total contribution of at least $5,000.

    If you and/or your club chapter would like to double the amount of a donation to the Healey Museum via this matching funds program, please make checks payable to the AHCA with a notation for "Healey Museum donation" and submit them to the AHCA treasurer for consolidation and forwarding to the Healey Museum:

    Bev Sealand
    15 Ancient Highway
    Wethersfield CT 06109-3929

    If you are not familiar with the Healey Museum, I encourage you to visit their website.
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      Editor_Reid -
    1. pan's Avatar
      pan -
      It’s nice to hear from Bev Sealand. She came to an Australian National Rally that we put on in Caloundra back in 1997. I don’t believe she posts on this forum, so please give her my regards.
      Our club is also involved in discussions regarding financial support of The Healey Museum. Having visited the Museum, I believe it is a worthy cause.
    1. Editor_Reid's Avatar
      Editor_Reid -
      Thanks Alwyn. No, I'm pretty sure that Bev does not check the BCF, despite my best proselytizing! However, she has been the AHCA treasurer since about the merger of Austin and the Nuffield Group I think.

      I hope that all clubs will do their bit to support the Museum. I've been there myself - as the only American to attend the opening in 2012, actually - and we've featured it repeatedly in HEALEY MARQUE since.

      Assuming that you are Alwyn Keepence, I get your Healey Torque via email and always enjoy seeing what our comrades down under are up to.

      Happy Christmas, as you say down there!
    1. pan's Avatar
      pan -
      Reid, your assumption is correct! Merry Christmas to you, too!
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