• Group 44 racing promotional

    This is a video of Group 44 racing with some BMLC advertising from the 1970s. This had been posted in the MG forum and I thought it worthy of posting as an article. Love the Spitfire advert!

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    1. DougF's Avatar
      DougF -
      I've been looking for this video since I heard about it over 20 years ago!

      Thank you BobMunch for posting and Basil for reposting. Very much appreciated.
    1. PATR8's Avatar
      PATR8 -
      Great video, love watching the 44 cars
    1. skippymga's Avatar
      skippymga -
    1. bobmga62's Avatar
      bobmga62 -
      Interesting notation that in the advertising, all the mgb's had females swooping all around them, like was this a chick magnet approach. that backfired, and landed up catering to the female audience...during the mid 60's to 70's. I always felt as the MGB was more civilized for the Woman driver ( and noted many woman driving the mgb, whereas, the TR4, was more, well masculine.. I'm sure I just opened pandoras box her between mgb and tr4 affectionados (never mind the sexes)...through the years, it has all evened out
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      Guest -
    1. Guest's Avatar
      Guest -
      LOL, "Triumph, it's faster than a mad cow...."

      "Spitfire; it looks just as good on the side of the road as it does on it...."
    1. JimTR3B's Avatar
      JimTR3B -
      That was wonderful, thanks for posting.
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