• A Fall Drive in the Rocky Mountains

    I posted this video in the Austin Healey forum a few months ago, but I thought it might be appropriate for this venue also. The video was shot in the fall of 2012 by my friend Jason, who is in the passenger seat for most of the ride (obviously not in some of the shots). He carefully edited himself out of all the shots so it looks like I'm driving alone. For the next video we have to figure out how to get my wife in the passenger seat so I don't look so lonely.

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    1. Johnny's Avatar
      Johnny -
      Yeah, that's what it's all about!
      This would make a great Viagra commercial!!
    1. Keith_M's Avatar
      Keith_M -
      Now hang on a minute Johnny. Are you saying I look old and impotent? LOL
    1. blueosprey90's Avatar
      blueosprey90 -
      Enjoyed the video. Car looks great and you had a perfect day (and roads) for the drive.
    1. judow's Avatar
      judow -
      Now that is what it's all about. I know what you were feeling - just plain joy!!!
    1. bluecatmodels's Avatar
      bluecatmodels -
      So cool! Just waiting for my rocker arms to get back from a rebuild, then I'll hit the road again.
    1. '66 BJ8's Avatar
      '66 BJ8 -
      Keith - congrat's to Jason for such a fine video and choice of music...
      YOU sir have managed to show to others (less fortunate) what the 'Healey Experience' is all about

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