• Healey Archival Video History

    Required viewing by Brit car fans lots of good Healey video, including Donald Healey in earlier days in his machines. Other Brit marques showcased as well. Time wellwasted.
    Part 1:

    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:

    This was forwarded to me by a colleague and former Healey owner/ aficionado, lured over to the Jaguar XKE dark side by the promise of admiring looks from easy women. He is being held for questioning in a remote location and will be the subject of an intervention by caring friends.


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    1. PAUL161's Avatar
      PAUL161 -
      David, very nice videos! If you wouldn't mind, I have some photos of Donald's RR Healey during a restoration process. Yours truly is in a couple shots and Alan Hendrex of Hendrex Wire Wheel in NC also. PJ

    1. davidb's Avatar
      davidb -

      Interesting comment on the RR Healey. A couple of years ago I spoke (emailed) with the owner of the white RR Healey, who also had a Healey Silverstone for sale (don't recall his name offhand). He kindly sent me some literature on the Healey 4000 - both versions - the one shown here and the bigger one with the extra 6" width, in black. You look pretty darn comfortable behind the wheel.....wonder if they ever found out about that missing gearshift knob.........

    1. PAUL161's Avatar
      PAUL161 -
      Dave, After it left Alans shop, I lost track of the car, but I understand it was to go to a museum for a static display somewhere in North Carolina. I was told that the car could be purchased for around 1 million at the time, that was back in 2006! (Questionable). The wife of a California car dealer, contacted me asking about the car that she seemed to know well from years past. At one time, it spent some time in her husbands California dealership, for what reason she didn't say. How she got my name is still a mystery. Woman are pretty resourceful when they want to be, grin. PJ
    1. RestoreThemAll's Avatar
      RestoreThemAll -
      Videos have been removed. Can they be replaced?
    1. BIBBER's Avatar
      BIBBER -
      only one thing to say "Outstanding".
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