• Our own Judy Wrobel (judow) wins best 100M

    This is my neighbor, Judy. When she first joined the BCF she was asking if anyone knew of a good place to have restoration work done on an Austin Healey. I replied that there was a fellow in Albuquerque, Dave Porter, who was probably the best guy for the job that I knew of if she could trailer her car here (I was thinking she was someplace like California). Well, it turned out she lives just a couple miles from me! It really is a beautify car! She doesn't know it yet, but she's leaving it to me in her will

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    1. judow's Avatar
      judow -
      Well thank you Boss. All true and Agatha and I have been a happy couple ever since. Leaving her to you in her will - No, I'm planning on outliving you.
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