• A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Biloxi

    Attachment 24359Behind the SmileANOTHER TRUE SPORTS CAR STORY
    Al Bradley (bradal)

    By now some of you will have heard this, so please bear with me. It’s a good story.

    This story happened when the USAF sent me to Biloxi, Mississippi for further training to be akiller. First of all, I had the responsibility of finding my way from Abingdon, Virginia to Biloxi. Thatwas no mean feat in those days of the late 1960’s.

    I certainly intended to drive my (t)rusty TR-4. It was the route that posed the problem.Obviously, I had to take I-81 from here and then whatever substituted for I- 40/75 at the time fromKnoxville to Chattanooga. Then it was I-59 to Birmingham, Alabama. But, after Birmingham, all of theInterstate Routes turned in the opposite direction. I did notice that the map showed a long, straightroute from Tuscaloosa to Mobile, near Biloxi, that was just the ticket. So I took it. Once throughTuscaloosa, that two-lane route 43 proved to be an absolute blast to drive. There was almost no trafficsave a few logging trucks that were easy to overtake. I drove at 90 mph most of the way with the topdown and had a ball.

    I stopped near the little Town of Jackson, Alabama to “fill one tank and empty another”, as myDad used to say. I paid for the gas and a few sundries I had bought and through the front storewindow I noticed an older couple admiring the TR. They apparently had not seen one before.

    By the time I returned to the car, the man had bent over to look at the “hubcap” on my wirewheels, and I heard him tell his mate; “****, Mildred, it’s one of them Undo’s”.

    I didn’t have the heart to correct them and I couldn’t have kept a straight face, anyway!

    Well, I chuckled at this story all the way on to Mississippi. And I swear to you that it reallyhappened.
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      SquashedCat -
      Sounds like you had great time, but you are so lucky none of the local good old boys did not pull you over for speeding, especially with out of state tags. They have special way of making visitors stay pleasant as long as you can either post bond or see the local judge and pay your ticket. Just slightly west of state route 43 is highway 17 through Butler, AL to hook up with state route 45 and then into Mobile. I personally have not had the pleasure of making that particular stay in Alabama, but I know a few friends who did in the late 1960's, things were very pleasant as long as you could pay your fines.
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