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  1. TR-4 Transmission

    Have a '64 TR-4 with 55,000 miles & OD. Have trouble shifting into any gear. What might be the problem?
  2. #36. K&N air filters #56-9327

    After finding a reference or two in the forum & looking at the K&N web site. I was pleased to find these SU H6 compatible cotton fibre K&N filters.

    they are not offset, so my first thought was " they will not clear the float bowl".
    but that was not an issue. They fit nicely & look good & though it may be my perception, seem to make the TR3A run better, with quicker starts & more responsiveness at the accelerator.

    Updated 09-19-2015 at 03:10 PM by GTP1960

    2015 1960 TR3A project
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  3. Chassis Suppliers

    Quote Originally Posted by BritCars4KGM View Post
    I am looking at alternative chassis suppliers to replace my 1954 BN1 chassis and several major inner body pieces. I am familiar with the Kilmartin and Jule products. Does anyone have experiance with with any of the European suppliers? AH Spares is offering newly constructed chassis' and I understand someone in Austria is also making chassis. I would appreciate any information and feedback from the forum members. Thanks, Keith
  4. Austin Healey 3000 cooling issues

    How does the Wizard radiator compare to the Moss Motor 834-990?
  5. Series ll Brake Bleeding

    Does anyone know of a pressure bleeding system for the E Type Series ll?

    Thank You,
    Greg in Montana