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  1. Fuses

    Hi All,
    When, on my Healey 100 BN1, (with a BN2 gearbox with OD), I switch the OD on, both the slow blow 50A AND 35A fuses blow. Any ideas why?

    Wally Simpson
  2. Bj8 frame specifications

    Can anyone please help me with a resource for a frame diagram for a bj 8 ? The 100/6 and 3000 workshop manual only covers up to Bj7. Is a bj7 frame the same as a bj8? My car has been hit so bad it requires the left frame rail to be replaced along with the front and rear cross members, any help would be most appreciated. Thanks -jeff
  3. '67 GT - Pulling Engine - Disconnect Driveshaft?

    Quote Originally Posted by DrEntropy View Post
    Pulling engine and trans as a unit is better than trying to detach the box, suspend it and pull the engine. Putting it back in is a real task to get all lined up and bolted together. Done it both ways, only once did I separate the two. Dozens of times the "right way." Much less grief.

    My usual order is:
    Wiring/electrical first, trans reverse light switch, too (if it has an O/D trans, don't forget that wire! Ask me how I know).
    Fluids (fuel, coolant, hydraulics).
  4. TR 250 Rear Sway Bar

    The Tr 250 has aluminum rear trailing arms. Has anyone successfully installed a rear sway bar? I am concerned the stress of the end reactions will damage the mounting points on arms.
    Anyone care to comment ?
  5. ajsblack

    [QUOTE=ajsblack;1125840]I am a new member and have not used forums before. I have two TR3 a' a right hand drive Stag a 1949 2000 roadster (that I am restoring) a 1947 1800 for parts. I have a lot of Tr3 parts, motors and tramisions i will sell. I do have an eurgent problem I need to indentify a motor at my mechanic shop in order to order parts the engine # is (I think) TS 73149E ??? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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