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Basil's Ramblings

This is where I will blog about stuff that interests me.

  1. Wet Sanding the E-Type frame

    I have been wet-sanding the frame (sometimes called bird cage) on teh Etype. I took the bird cage off the car (4 pieces) and took to a local paint shop to have it stripped and primered, then I took the pieces back home where I am wet-sanding them myself. After I get them sanded I will take them back to get painted. (By sanding myself I'm saving a ton of money because it's such a tedious job)
  2. Fuel Tank Restore and install

    I finally got around to refitting my EType gas tank. I first had the tank boiled out and coated with a rubberized tank coating to prevent rusting on the inside. Then I use glass bead media to strip the old paint and, while I know it isn't "original" I painted the tank with POR-15 to give it an extra bit of durability and rust resistance. I also applied some Road Kill sound dampening material in the boot where the tank sits.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. My E-Type Jag

    I am going to start working on my E-Type again and will try to document things here, in this blog.
  4. International Car show tomorrow

    Plan to attend international car show tomorrow. The new Lotus will be there. I will have my Canon 7D in tow!
    Car Shows
  5. Blog about Christmas 2012

    Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Yesterday was Christmas and we had the whole clan over. The son's and daughter-in-law came out Christmas Eve and spent the night so we could all get up early and open presents! I already knew what my "main" present was - a Canon 7D. My wife agreed to let me buy it early with the provision that I would let her wrap it and put it under the tree. I also got a couple of nice Hawaiian shirts from my SIL who just got back from Oahu. Mary and I ...
    Family Fun
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