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    One problem I discovered is that mice have eaten part of my fuel line (I had replaced the fuel line a while back with OEM type hard plastic line). Now I have to replace the fuel line again, but this time I am going to cover the line with stainless steel braiding to keep the mice from chewing it. (The mice really seem to love the fuel line material for some reason).
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    Quote Originally Posted by 65_BRG_Sprite
    Looks great! Was hoping you'd get started so we could see photos/progress.
    Thanks, I know it's been too long since I was able to work on it, but these days I have a bit more free time.
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    Looks great! Was hoping you'd get started so we could see photos/progress.
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    Was figuring you were gonna get started!
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    Looks like she's really interested in getting to drive it soon!!
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    If it's hard for you to think about signing on in 05, imagine my bemusement when I think that I started this place in 2000! No idea when I went live where it would lead. Thanks for the nice comments!
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    Time surely flies. It's hard for me think that, I believe, it was in 05 when I signed on. Seems like it might have only been a year or so ago. Met some nice people because of this site. I thank you for that! Also, very appreciative of your determination to keep this site going, has become almost like family. Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous 2013. PJ
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    Nice....I live in Albuquerque and work with MGA's mostly....If you know anyone in need of parts...or right now I have a 57 coupe for sale as a parts car...let me know.My name is Gabe Gallegos and my website is lets chat sometime... 505-892-6926 home phone.

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    Wow! Taking on an e type is not for the faint of heart. Makes my TR3 look like a kids toy....