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  1. Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray - 26 oz.

    I am writing about this stuff because I am pretty impressed.

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    I tried it as a "detail wipe down" at a recent car show.
    I had driven perhaps 50 miles to get to the park & had a lot of bug splats to show for it.
    I had ordered
    "Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray - 26 oz." from Amazon for about $10.00 and put it in the boot; promptly forgetting about it.

    When I pulled my chair out......there ...
  2. 1960 car security system

  3. Old Car guy, assisted living

  4. #30. Fuel pressure regulator

    I installed a spectre 0-5 psi fuel pressure regulator to lower my airtex electric fuel pumps normal optimal pressure of approx 5.5-6psi.

    it was easy to install, but because I wanted to see the gauge on a regular basis, I needed to place it inside of he engine bay.
    i put it on the inside drivers side wheel well.
    this required drilling 4 holes, which I wasn't crazy about.
    I also ...
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  5. Setting ignition timing to 4 degrees BTDC?

    Quote Originally Posted by Geo Hahn View Post
    Given the variances in engine condition, fuel used and how (and even where) you drive I don't think any one number is the best for all.

    Starting with the manual setting one usually has to experiment on the road to find what is ideal - generally the maximum advance you can get away with without knocking.

    I set the distributor to TDC with the vernier scale on the big mark, then set advance from there with the adjustment wheel. That way I can always see at a glance where
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