View Full Version : 1934 Sunbeam...I think

01-13-2015, 04:31 PM
A buddy of mine came across a fellow with some old bikes (my friend rides an old Triumph and also vintage races an MG with me).

In the end, he bought this Sunbeam which I think he said is a 1934. I'll see it in-person next weekend.


01-14-2015, 01:44 PM
What a great looking old bike. I love old motorcycles, especially pre-war American and British ones.

01-17-2015, 10:38 PM
Made in my hometown. Well made, quality machines.

01-18-2015, 12:05 PM
More photos of the Sunbeam. It spent a fair amount of its time in Egypt. The former owner has family connection in that country and was able to import it here.

For many years, the Sunbeam sat without a front end.....it had been removed and fitted to a BSA (in Egypt). But 2 years after acquiring the Sunbeam, the former owner was able to locate that BSA and repatriate the front-end to the Sunbeam.

The former owner also currently has an AJS, various Triumphs, BSAs, etc. My friend in working with him and may buy more of his collection.

The guy also has some antique outboard engines and my friend bought one of those too.

Here's more of his Sunbeam as we saw it yesterday when we where having our annual Barrett-Jackson party at his house:






He also has a BSA he's had for years (below) along with a Triumph 650 that is literally hanging in bits from his rafters.
My friend also restored the big Healey in the photo and drove it to Canada where he met up with our own Michael Oritt. Linda and I have taken it out for a drive.....it's glorious!
He also has a racing MGB, 1965 Mustang and many other toys.


The 1929 outboard he also picked up.