View Full Version : TR4/4A Securon 500/30 seat belts

10-27-2014, 09:30 PM
Hi - I did a search but didn't find any references to using these in a TR4 - may have missed it though.
Anyway, has anyone ever fitted the above belts to a 4? I THINK they can be fitted in a similar way to the Kangol belts were on the 6. The retractor vertical on the side of the wheel arch and the shoulder point mounted at the top of the wheel arch.
Specifically, I have a couple of questions (well, 3):
1) Can the receiver stalk be mounted to the existing belt mounting point near the transmission tunnel (once the eye bolt is removed)?
2) Similarly the end bracket can be fitted to the existing mounting point by the door?
3) Does mounting it this way foul the movement of the seats back and forth? I'm going to use Mk1 Miata seats.
Thanks in advance.