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05-06-2005, 01:39 AM
Hi All,
I just found this site and wanted to say hello to all the Triumph fans out there! I do have a question for the list though. I recently installed a new exhaust system on my TR6 and am having "issues" with sealing off all the connections. It seems no mater how tight I get the clamps they still leak. Not that this is really a problem in of itself, but the fumes are getting into the car and that does bother me when the top's up. What have others done for this? Welding isn't an option because I'd like to be able to remove the pipes for servicing the car in the future.

Jim Barbuscia
'76 TR6

05-06-2005, 01:49 AM
Welcome to the club! JimBar, there are sealers available at most discount auto supply stores that will seal the leaky joints.You may have to use a Map Gas torch to free them up for servicing in the future if required.---FWIW---Keoke

05-06-2005, 06:35 AM
Hi Jim,

And welcome.

Is it at all possible there is just some grease, oil, labels or other things on the pipe, still in the process of burning off and causing some fumes? Even the paint used on some exhaust systems will give off fumes the first few times the car is driven.

You might look for some wide band clamps to use at the various joints on your car. There are extra wide stainless steel, and "t-bolts" that are a little narrower. They come in various diameters.

Try to avoid the cheap u-bolt and guillotine types of clamps. They will crimp the pipe and make disassembly virtually impossible.

Check that clamps are puttng adequate pressure on the pipe. If not, if the clamp is a little too large, get a small piece of stainless steel tubing from an exhaust installation shop and make a shim out of it, to go between the clamp and the pipe.

You didn't say if it was a stainless steel exhaust, or if it's mild steel. If stainless, you'll be able to slip it apart pretty easily in the future. Mild steel exhausts sort of weld themselves together and are seldom easily separated after a few years on the car.

Hope this helps!