View Full Version : TR4/4A Question on mounting front flasher lights

02-28-2014, 06:27 PM
Hi guys - trying to button up the electrical system on the IRS car and have what looks to be mounting issue.

My grill looks stock (to my eyes anyway) but the new front flasher mounting points don't line up with the grill. In other words the threaded mounting points on the assembly don't line up with the existing openings on the grill.

Do I just need to drill new mounting holes?

02-28-2014, 06:44 PM
Skip, those lights were originally held by three self tapping screws with a clip that went in each slotted hole. The ones you have look to have a bolt and nut and I would say the nut will not let the light housing set flush on the mount.


02-28-2014, 09:13 PM
Looks to me like the grill is in back to front, also.

Geo Hahn
02-28-2014, 09:41 PM
Am I correct in thinking that those holes/slots are not 120 apart -- IOW the lamp only fits in one orientation?

03-03-2014, 10:42 AM
Hi guys, thanks for the responses.

I'm pretty sure it is mounted correctly. Geo, the openings are a bit off-center as it sits right now.

Anyone had an issue with the replacement flasher units from the Big 3? The ones pictures were just ordered new.

I can't immediately see a way of mounting these without drilling new holes or cutting off the threaded posts on the replacement part.

Geo Hahn
03-03-2014, 07:42 PM
The originals used 3 screws to mount to the grille:


Looks like your replacements only have two.

The ones pictured came off my TR4 as those cars had the early smaller bosses even after they went to the bigger lights. I replaced them with the early lights and the big ones found a new home:


03-03-2014, 08:12 PM
Nice use of traditional materials on that other car pictured - I'm not an expert but there may be missing trim on that car. Just so you know Geo.

Thanks for the pictures of the 4a lamps, looks like I need to drill my grill.