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01-24-2014, 10:46 PM
I've had two TR6's for years and suggested to my wife that I wanted a TR4 and she said you can't have more than two Triumphs. I disagree with her but, you know, I have to keep peace. So, I'm getting one six ready sell but thought I'd get some feedback on the differences of the two cars.....I think I will have fun in both, just not used to the 4, but I like the idea of the torque of the 4 motor. What do you think?

01-25-2014, 05:06 AM
I'm very, very, very, very, very biased here. Go for the 4. It is simpler, particularly the rear suspension, and in the opinion of some folks, much easier to work on, to tune, and to maintain. Further, the dash and interior are easier to work on, and to restore. I've heard some folks say they're more dependable, and that the extra power of the 6 isn't a big draw. Seen lots of terrific TR6's, so no doubt they can look great, but at least for some, the chrome bumpers, wire wheels and more classic guts of the 4 would be a big draw. I know many owners love their TR6's, and swear by them, but I can relate to someone thinking about a TR4.

01-25-2014, 08:29 AM
.....but I like the idea of the torque of the 4 motor. What do you think?
I'm in agreement with Road & Track's assessment in '67 of the then new TR250's 2.5L six:
"In performance, we found the TR-250′s acceleration to be very close to that of the TR-4A we tested when that model was introduced in 1965. But everything that was done by the TR-4A is done more easily and smoothly by the TR-250. The 6-cyl engine makes a real difference in this respect and though the final drive ratio is the same, there’s none of the typical 4-cyl vibration so it all seems relatively effortless."
Don't get me wrong, I love the big 4 of the TR3/4/4A, but if we're talking torque I give the nod to the 6.

01-25-2014, 11:14 AM
I think the 6 and 4 are very close in a lot of ways that I would not own one of each if I could only have two cars. If you wanted to go with Triumphs only I would go with a TR3, or TR8, now you have two different rides.

Marvin Gruber
01-25-2014, 12:09 PM
I love a 6 to drive daily but like the looks of a 4. Get one of each, then later sneak in a TR3.


Geo Hahn
01-25-2014, 10:31 PM
If you're looking for a TR to contrast with your TR6 then I agree with Keith that a TR3 is the ticket. But if you do opt for a TR4 then I suggest you go with a solid axle for a very different ride compared to your IRS 6. Not saying a better ride or a worse ride -- but a different ride that is fun to throw around in twisties and turns.

01-26-2014, 11:46 AM
You will have fun in all of the choices. I think the 3's, 4's, and 6's are all different - I like the live axle in the 4, and it certainly has plenty of grunt to keep up but the smoothness of the 6 it does not have. Its not performance, its the look of the 4/4A that sets it apart for me, and it is a more comfortable long hauler than the 3.

01-26-2014, 07:06 PM
Thanks for great feedback,
I would love to have a TR3 but can't afford it and I looked at a TR8 but it was not running.....that would be alright if I didn't have so many other projects.

I have also heard a number of guys say they like the solid read axle on the 4.

Looks like I won't be working in the six for the next few days....it's going to be -20 tonight with a high of -10 tomorrow....not a good winter up here.

01-27-2014, 12:05 AM
I have owned a solid axle 4A and now the IRS, six cylinder TR250, as most all of you know the latter being pretty identical to a TR6. Although the TR6 motor is listed as having more torque, I felt my 4A was very quick off the line and also had a real sweet spot between about 2000 and 3500 where it would really pull hard in 2nd gear, a hoot around town. My TR250 is undoubtedly faster than my 4A, but it has quite a bit of engine work, cam compression, lightened flywheel. I never felt the four, at least mine, was at all rough, though the six is certainly smoother.

You will feel more difference in driving with the different rear suspension than the motor in my opinion, the solid axle give the car a very different feel, pretty firm ride, handles pretty well on a smooth surface. jumps around a bit on rough ones. Also feels a lot more 50s-60s ish on the inside and outside, with more chrome inside and out, and less flat black finished surfaces.

My 4a was one of my favorite british cars, part of the reason I got the TR250, wanted to do something similar but different. I would go for it.

01-27-2014, 11:28 AM
I think the TR4 has it in the looks department.

01-27-2014, 04:28 PM
I think the TR4 has it in the looks department.
I have to agree.To me,the tr3 and 4 have a more vintage interior,dash, gauges,seats etc,while the 6 seems to have a more modern look.
Im bulding a 3,and looking for 4.

01-27-2014, 09:10 PM
We had a big contingent at VTR in San Rafael last fall and three of us, two sixes and a four, had a very spirited drive (not really that fast though) coming up from the coast on a switchback fire road. The four led and I felt like I struggled looking for the right gear while the tractor motor gave him the advantage.

Overall though, that was great fun and one of the highlights of my Triumph driving experience.

01-28-2014, 02:14 PM
313793137931379My first TR was a late 1964 TR4 purchased new. My current is a 1976 TR6. The 6 is nice but not even close to the 4. The solid axle made a much better handling car. And the 4 was as fast as the 6 before I built the engine on the 6.
If I were to get another 4 I would look for one of the last ones made. They had the front castor built in and had the radiator and coolant reservoir which was carried over to the 4A'.
That TR4 is still the favorite car I have ever owned.31379

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01-28-2014, 07:01 PM
Well, having had a TR3, TR4a solid axle, a TR4a IRS and a TR6 I'd say it depends on if they are all going to be kept stock and how you plan to use them. The IRS can be made to handle very-very well with minor and reversible tweaking. I personally never found the 4a solid axle to be a "thing" version the IRS, the IRS isn't that complicated at all. I find my TR4a IRS a but more nimble and lighter feeling to drive probably due to slightly less weight up front. Acceleration will largely depend on how healthy a given engine is rather than it being a four vs six in practice.

As noted a TR3 is a very different car, as is a TR8 (especially if warmed over).

if you really want diversity throw an Alfa Spider into the mix.

01-28-2014, 10:03 PM
if you really want diversity throw an Alfa Spider into the mix.

Or, keeping it British, a Jensen Healey

01-28-2014, 10:53 PM
Or, keeping it British, a Jensen Healey

Oh, good one.