View Full Version : For Sale It's time to sell my '76 Midget!

12-08-2013, 04:31 PM
Yes, that's right...after all these years, I have to sell Nigel. It's not an easy decision, but hard, cold economic reality has reared its ugly head, and I have to let it go. We just need a bigger, more practical car.

I'm giving the BCF guys first crack at it, before I list it anywhere else. You fellows have been invaluable to me over the years, giving me the inspiration to do things I never thought I could do to keep the Wee Beastie rolling, from pulling apart the dash, to re-building the transmission on my kitchen table, to replacing a starter in the dead of night.

I'm asking something along the lines of $4000 for him. Since you all know the ins and out of Spridgets, I'll just show you what I've done.

If you're not familiar with Nigel, here are some details. He's a '76 1500. It's been de-bumpered front and rear, but can be easily re-bumpered if desired. The front uses the stock signals and holes, and the grille sits over the bumper mounts. (I still have the bumpers, and if you want 'em I'll include them.)

The rear retains the bumper mount holes, which have been left open. (I used to have body-colored plastic plugs in the holes to clean it up.) The under-light fillers are made of styrofoam and Bondo, painted and held in place with weatherstrip adhesive. They were intended to be a quick and temporary fix, but they've held up for eight years now!

The interior has been entirely re-colored in SEM vinyl dye, in "Camel" color. (I love it -- it really brightens the interior.)

The center console has been modified, with a clock in the speaker space and the map light in the radio space. (This is all non-invasive and reversible, the original parts are included. I just hated to be reminded of the thug that stole my NOS AM radio.)

The carpet is custom-cut and close fitting, and everything is held in place with snaps -- no glue at all. Easier to take it out and clean it that way! The mats in the footwells are getting worn, but the rest of the job still looks good. (Notice that the headrests have been removed and the holes blanked off.)

The hood is newish, with a zip-out rear window, and still in great shape. It's always been stowed properly and carefully. Note the rear edge is not clamped down, but snapped in place. I've found this to be a Better Way when folding zip-out hoods.

Stainless trim rings, blacked out wheels, and wing mirrors.

Engine? Yep, it has one. :encouragement: De-smogged, Pertronix, and DGV.

Is it all good news? Of course not! This is the bad news: The battery shelf is rusted out. Surprisingly, this is the only serious rust on the whole car. Spring mounts, wheel wells, rockers, floor pans, are all solid.

Being a Spridget, there's a list of minor things to get to eventually. Point being, this isn't a restored car, just sorted enough to be attractive, fun, and dependable. For example, the body isn't arrow-straight, and the paint is a Rustoluem roller-job in Safety Red that looks good from five feet away. My goal was to get it pretty and drivable, not perfect.

If you're interested in more, I have loads more annotated pictures at my Photobucket stream. Click here to go there. (https://s92.photobucket.com/user/W_J_Thompson/media/Automobiles/1976%20MG%20Midget/IMG_1952.jpg.html?sort=6&o=0) If you have any questions, comments, pic requests, offers, etc., let me know!