View Full Version : For Sale 1970 MG Midget for restoration or parts - $300

09-12-2013, 05:59 PM

Hi folks,
Looks like after 10 years of thinking about it, I'm not going to get around to restoration. Needs new floors and sills (skills I donít have).
Last time I looked, the area around the rear suspensions mounts were solid. The 1275 engine in the car needs a rebore (turns over fine).

Bought this in 1990 or thereabouts.
It was always burning oil (I mean, a lot) and got to be hard starting. A compression analysis indicated it was the head - so I pulled the head and had it professionally redone.
Re-installed and it wouldn't even start. So it has sat around for the last 10 years (somewhat like it's owner).
The car is about 95% all there. I used it for my commute to RTP. Clutch and gearbox are fine, all the instruments work. Top has been "converted" to a bikini top. Ha!
Pirellis still hold air so we can push it on a trailer. I have the title, of course.

More photos at:

Iím up in Youngsville, just north of Wake Forest, which is just north of Raleigh, NC.

50% of proceeds will go to Basil's fine efforts in keeping up this wonderful forum.

If it doesn't sell for $300 cash, I'll dismantle and sell off the parts.

Cheers, Adrian