View Full Version : For Sale Lots of 948cc parts - media blasted block, new crankshaft pulley, etc. Kansas City

09-08-2013, 01:57 PM
Hi everyone,

I have a bunch of 948cc parts left over from an aborted project.

I have:

-A new crankshaft pulley + bolt + washer, bought from Victoria British and only test-fitted. It has a few scratches from sitting around.
-Media blasted block, with a very thin little bit of surface rust that would come right off with a quick wipe-down. (Rust not visible in the pictures, it has gotten worse since they were taken, but its still just a layer of thin surface rust)
-used crankshaft from original engine (has been hot-tanked), some scoring on the journals
-used oil pan, no leaks
-used camshaft (has been hot-tanked) from original engine
-new yellow metal fan from Victoria British
-used side covers (hot-tanked) from original engine
-used valve cover (hot-tanked) from original engine
-used oil pump from original engine, spins freely (hot tanked)

I am very negotiable on price--the rest of the family would like this stuff cleaned out! Just PM me a number and most likely I will be happy to oblige. Everything is being sold as-is. All parts are located in Kansas City, Missouri. I can ship at your expense, except possibly the block. If you are interested in having the block shipped, PM me and I will see if I can work something out. Let me know if I can be of any help!