View Full Version : TR6 It's alive! (kind of)

08-19-2013, 10:12 PM
Dropped by my garage today to do some fixing of appliances at the rental house next door. (By the way: don't try to replace a burner switch without disconnecting from power. That was one major-league shock!!!) After doing my handy man routine, I decided to try to get the TR6 actually running. Shot some starter fluid in there, and it actually ran on the starting fluid. Since I drained the fuel system and refilled with a few gallons (although I didn't drain the float chambers, which really needs to be done), I didn't know if the fresh fuel was being pulled. To test the strength of the fuel pump, I pulled the line at the rear carb and turned the key. She's pumping nicely!

Tomorrow I'll go pull the float chambers off and clean them of the very old and turned fuel. Since we know we have spark, air and fuel, provided the carbs are pulling the fresh fuel in the right amounts, this thing should run as designed in no time.

Won't drive it until I rebuild the clutch slave, though. It's leaking. Rebuild kit is on the bench and my air compressor is already hooked-up and at the ready to push the piston out if it's sticking. Not my first rodeo or Triumph clutch slave rebuild.

08-20-2013, 06:24 AM
Sam - have you disassembled and cleaned the carbs yet?


08-20-2013, 11:38 AM
No, Tom, I haven't...but I planned to if needed. They seemed to be working freely with oil still in the dashpots. The car was stored with less than a gallon of fuel in the tank, so that went south really quickly. I'm going to clean them today and see what I find. I might get lazy and try to just drain the float chambers and see if the new fuel will finally get it started. I always seem to get to a point where if I don't have to undo all the nuts and linkages if I don't need to, I try to to avoid it. Of course, it usually winds up that doing it the right way winds up quicker in the long run! ;)