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08-15-2013, 06:50 PM
This year the annual North America Daimler/Lanchester meeting is going to be in conjunction with the Toronto Triumph Club British Car Day. "British Car Day is hosted annually by the Toronto Triumph Club, on the third Sunday of September. Since its inaugural event in 1984, it has grown in leaps and bounds, and now draws over 1000 British cars and 8,000 spectators, with room to grow even bigger. The event is the largest, one-day, all-British car event in North America," As they say, this is a big sheeew.

More..."To celebrate the 30th showing of BCD, we will be featuring some special things for everyone's enjoyment.At NOON, there will be an air display featuring a mock dog fight by WW1 fighter planes from the Great War Flying Museum in Brampton. Watch as two British fighter planes shoot down the Red Baron!
Hot Air Balloon rides (tethered!) will take you up to 200 feet to enjoy a fantastic view of British Car Day and the surrounding area. Bring your camera! Look for the balloon in the South East corner of the car showground.
For those classic British car owners who are coming into town the day before BCD, we are planning a country drive around the area on the Saturday afternoon, with a stop for supper. Those interested MUST sign up by email with Terence McKillen (click here for email (assistanteditor@torontotriumph.com?subject=Pre-BCD%20Country%20Drive)) giving name of driver and number of passengers, car marque and model, and mobile telephone number on or before August 30th, 2013. Will only run if there's sufficient interest, so please sign-up as soon as possible!"

See you all there.

09-20-2013, 12:31 AM
What A Show!!!!!! Never seen 31 DeLorians all lined up with doors up, or 6 SP250's, or more Loti than I could count, to say nothing of the hundreds of TR's & MG's. The one surprise was the few number of Sunbeams, there may have been more Daimlers. I will do a blog entry in the next week along with pics.

11-25-2013, 10:54 AM
Thank You for attending. Glad that you enjoyed the show. We hope you will be able to join us again next year on Sunday, September 21st.

David (Tush)Tushingham
President, Toronto Triumph Club