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07-20-2013, 01:13 AM
Love this forum. Was out in the garage today trying to reassemble the rocker shaft and attendant bits. Having gone this far on a 9-year driving resto and with the new engine/trans swap being basically the end of the road except for upholstery I was really bummed to find that the old rocker pedestals were first, a bitch to get off the old rocker arm and worse, just as hard to get onto the new TRF stock arm. Having already purchased the GP2 cam and new tappets and after inspecting the push rods and rockers I decided to replace those too including the solid spacers instead of the stock rocker springs. So all I had left of the original setup was the rocker pedestals and I had a helluva job getting them off and I was surprised when they would not fit the new rocker shaft, thinking that years of wear would make them an easy fit. The old rocker shaft was chewed up like beavers had been at it so I'm glad I bought the new stuff. In fact, the rockers, rods and pedestals from my original 130,000 mile engine were in better shape than those parts from my 45,000 mile replacement, completely rebuilt engine but I digress. I have not spared any other expense in getting this 45,000 mile engine reconditioned. Turning to this forum at 10:00 pm tonight I found a post that suggested heating the pedestals gently with a propane torch, using an old rocker as a persuader to tap the pedestal and then trying the install again. Worked like a charm and it's all now fully assembled. The # 3 pedestal on the replacement engine was so badly scored that I used #3 from the old, hi-mileage engine as all of those pedestals were in perfect condition. It was really a bummer to find the pedestals stuck and with plans for tomorrow to drop in the new engine seeming to be doomed but what a relief to find just what I needed in 10 minutes of searching this forum. Gotta love that. I guess Basil is listening now and looking for a donation. Great bunch here - thanks for the assist. :applause:

07-20-2013, 10:32 AM
I don't know if this would apply to the TR6, but on the TR8, the holes in the pedestals are flattened a bit. I don't know if they are made this way, or if it is from the bolt pressing down (the bolt goes through the center of the shaft). Light pressure in a vise is enough to get the hole round again (it goes back and grips the shaft when you take it out, so I suspect the shape is intended).