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07-16-2013, 12:01 PM
So a while back I met up with a couple old friends for a semi regular breakfast at a local greasy spoon. My buddy Tim has been bringing his daughter to these for some time so as usual Marley was with him this time as well. After breakfast we all headed out to the parking lot to go our separate ways and ended up standing around the Midget talking.

Now these particular friends are not car guys so of course the Midget is a bit of a curiosity to them. While we were standing around talking I told Marley to climb in and try it for style. As all kids do she seemed to be enjoying it and when she decided to get out wanted to do some sort of race car driver exit thing and hop out over the closed door. Well, to do this she put a little too much weight on the back of the old driver seat and RIPPPP went the vinyl. I heard it and so did her dad who was mortified but she did not.

I shrugged it off and told Tim & Marley not to worry and that it was always kind of torn and that she didnít do any harm. Sheís not the first kid Iíve let sit in it.

So my long winded question is this, does anyone have a spare drivers seat, seat back vinyl cover that they are willing to part with? I had plans to drop a recovered set of í65-í68 seats into it at some point, but with resent family medical bills that dream is a while off. What I am looking for is just the vinyl cover for the driverís side seat back from a black í70 to í79 seat. I figure since some of you have recovered your seats there may be one out there gathering dust. Let me know what youíve got and what you need for it.


07-16-2013, 05:20 PM

Sorry that happened. One thing you might consider is to go to a local sewing fabric shop (In Texas we have JoAnn's fabrics and some other similar stores). They sell a decent black vinyl by the yard. I purchased some to cover door panels with. If you can get some, then you could talk to a local upholstery shop to see what they might charge to just replace that small panel.


07-16-2013, 10:50 PM
I recommend Gorilla tape!:highly_amused: