View Full Version : 78 Lotus Esprit vs. 70 Lotus Elan +2

04-11-2005, 04:18 PM
I've got a 1970 +2 which is awesome. It seems, however, that I may have a chance to get a 1978 Esprit (S1) as well. It needs a full tranny rebuild, but the owner says it's otherwise in decent condition. I have yet to actually see it, but will be taking a gander at it tonight.

So, I'm just wondering, has anyone driven a +2 and an Esprit and wouldn't mind giving me a comparison? Obviously the Esprit is a bigger car, but I understand it stays true to the Lotus name when it comes to handling.

What about the S1? Are they problematic and all that? Underpowered? Overweight? Good handling? Bad electricals?