View Full Version : Found more unopened stock to ofer/trade/giveaway to a good home

06-07-2013, 10:26 PM
I somehow foudn a box of parts I orderd a few years back an packed away from Moss. In it was a brand new never opened black plastic battery tray. Of course I just bought one recently not realizing I had it! $24.95 for that thing! lol..ok so anyone need one? I am happy to send it for cost of shipping, btu if anyone has any of the following and wants to swap or even sell me cheap I'd be thrilled:

79 Midget - 2 window cranks
79 Midget - original am/fm radio antenna :)
79 Midget - speaker for middle console...sorry but i just love original as mcuh as I can!
79 Midget - glove box insert (I think there was such a thing?)
79 Midget - MG badge in steering wheel with minor wear. Mine lost most of the paint and I stink at staying inside the lines!