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04-09-2005, 09:39 PM
Well we spent most of today drving around to look for a new Daily driver...test drove a few but no winners yet....BUT we did come across a 74 TR-6 sitting with a for sale sign outside of a auto-detailing shop...stopped to inquire and found out it belonged to an employees ex-wife. He pretty much just wants the car gone! unfortunatly his ex is looking for $6,500 CDN. The car runs well, but sounds like it's got a sticky valve...paint is very faded, the left rear corner is rusted almost right through but other than that very minimal rust. Good truck,floors ect.Interior is a little dusty but otherwise PERFECT. Includes good softop,hardtop, and rollbar. Continue down the road a little more and spotted a 73` Mustang sitting in someones driveway....didn't stop but it's been there at least 5 years...It looks like a Mach 1 but I can't be sure.

Any help value wise on either of these cars is greatly apreciated.

Thanks in Advance /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cheers.gif

04-09-2005, 10:34 PM
Well, I can offer some advice on the Mustang. Having owned a 71 Mach 1 (and 2 other classic stangs), I can tell you that they are the least poplular of all the "classic" Mustangs (65-73). The usual rust rules apply to these cars as all classic years of Mustang (Rustangs after all), floors, trunk, trunk drops, rear quarters, rockers, and even the bottoms of the A pillars can go bad. Rust is a major problem in these cars as they are unibody and bad rot can potentially effect the structural integrity of the car. I've seen a few Mustangs with extensive rot sag in the middle. Watch the doors, they are very long and heavy on the 71-73's, more so than any other year Mustang, and as such when the hinges wear they will droop and not close correctly. Motors are typical Ford V8 bulletproof, but they do wear and lose compression and blow oil as they age same as any other. If it's a 351 then you are in luck, the Cleveland motor is in my opinion the best small block V8 that Ford ever put in the Mustang. The old sales line was "the small block that runs like a big block" and boy did they mean it. I had some minor mods on mine and man did that sucker fly, even for a large heavy car. Oodles of torque to be had. Only problem with the Cleveland is they tend to not get good lubrication to the rear end of the cam and rockers, so be mindful of wear in that area of the motor has miles on it. Watch out if it's an automatic, the 71-73 cars used the FMX transmission on the small blocks, not the older, tried and true C4. The FMX was supposed to be a better performer, but turned out to be not as rugged as the C4. As such today it is less popular and, hence, more expensive to rebuild and harder to find performance parts for. I actually had to get my local tranny guy to basically build me a shift improver kit for mine as there wasn't one available comercially for the FMX. It does shift nice though when set up correctly, I could get rubber between all gears in mine letting it shift itself. Be careful about the owners claim of it being a Mach 1 though. All of the exterior body pieces that made up the Mach 1 package are readily available and could be installed on a plain jane fastback and claimed to be a Mach 1. The only items that are hard to come by these days are the Mach 1 flip open gas cap and the ram air hood with the functional ducts. The hood itself is pretty easy to get hold of but the baffle and aircleaner to make it functional are hard to find. However, it could still be a Mach 1 and have the none functional hood (mine did). Anyway, easiest way to save yourself some trouble is to just run the VIN. For 73 it breaks down this way:



The 3 is the year (1973), the F is the build plant (Dearborn), the next two digits are what your are interested in, the body type. In this case 05 is a Mach 1. If it has an 02 it's a plain old fastback, and I'd say walk if the guy is touting it as a Mach, unless you call his bluff and get him to come way down on the price. It might still be a nice car, just not as collectible, and potentially valuable, as a Mach. The next letter, H, is the engine code. A Mach 1 would be a V8 only, but it could have the 302 or either the 351 2 barrel carb or 4 barrel carb (F=302, H=351 2V, Q=351 4V). The last 6 digits is the build number of the car.

I really love the 71-73 cars, I dearly loved my 71. Sitting in the thing is like sitting in a torpedo. It's long, low, wide, and you sit really low in the car. The windows are gun slit narrow, and the rear glass is so horizontal its pretty much useless. I had louvers on my rear glass and together with the black interior the car was like a tomb inside, very cool. I always said that if Darth Vader ever drove a Mustang it would be a 71 black on black Mach 1. If it's a rust free car and has a 351 in it, and even better a manual trans, I'd say go for it if it's a good price. Hard for me to pin a price on this car, I've been out of the Mustang market for a few years now, but as I said these cars are the least loved of the classic years and as such the prices can be considerably lower. However, if its a real Mach, and the ownner knows that and knows that the Machs are somewhat more rare these days, he may be looking to really get top dollar for the car. All the rage over the new Stang isn't helping you either, as every guy out there with a classic stang for sale is trying to cash in on the nostalgia.

Sorry for the long post.

04-09-2005, 10:46 PM
WOW! thanks, I'll be sure to keep that. Actually the car isn't to far from me so I think sometime this week I'll walk over and ask about it(bring a few friends to as the house looks a little ify) It's been there almost as long as I can remeber it was covered with one of those blue tarps and he's got another car beside it so I could never see what it was......today the tarp was blown up so I could see it. I definatly saw the ram air hood....not sure if it's functional or not though....Did they make a BOSS in that body style??

04-09-2005, 11:58 PM
6500 for a well used 6 seems a tad steep. Not too bad for a good running, solid car though. Look carefully at the frame where the rear trailing arms attach. Especially the outer part, right at the 90 deg. bend, just under the rear door jamb. They were notorius for rotting out there.
If that shows any rot then I would be very hesitant about paying what they're asking.

04-10-2005, 12:08 AM
Yes, they made a Boss 351, but in 1971 only. The Boss 351 was basically a maxed out Mach 1 (competition suspension package, manual trans w/ Hurst shifter, 3.91 trac-lok rear, functional ram air hood, etc.) and it had the 351 Cleveland 4 barrel carb motor with 4 bolt mains, solid lifter cam, finned alloy valve covers, and a whopping 11.7:1 compression ratio. It also had the chin spoiler and rear deck spoiler like the Mach, but on the front fenders it said Boss 351. Also, the Mach had a urethane body colored front bumper (POS) while the Boss went back to a standard type chromed front bumper. It was a screamer to, and until the modern Mustangs came along it was the fastest production Mustang, with the exception of the 69 Boss 429, even with all that weight. Unfortunately, after 71 the Boss went away, and for 72 there was only the 351 cobra jet (4V 266 horse) and 351 HO (4V 275 horse). By 73 the writing was on the wall so to speak with regard to emissions regs and insurance, and the 351 4V cobra jet was the only high horse motor left (still 266). Funny thing is, for most the 351 2V motor makes a better street motor than the 4V. The 2V motor had small, closed ports in the cylinder heads, which were better suited to low rpm grunt and street drag racing. The 4V heads had absolutely HUGE open ports, and that motor really came into it's own at max rpm where those heads could really show how they flowed, like on a racetrack. If you take a 2V head motor, and put a nice single plane aluminum intake and four barrel carb on it (I was running a Holley 650 double pumper), nice mid range cam, high energy spark, good exhaust with balance tube, it is a wicked street setup. However, I'd still most likely cut off my right arm for a 71 Boss 351, that is one bad ass Mustang and a pretty rare car to (1800 Bosses built in 71). If you go to look at the car try and snap a shot of it, I'd be curious to see it (if you lived closer I'd probably drive over to see it with you, I'm a sucker for Stangs!).

04-10-2005, 01:39 AM
'73 Machs are really not considered very desirable, mostly because they are heavy and slow. The only redeeming aspect is that if you get one in that orangish yellow, it's Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds!

I've seen '73 Machs starting at $1500 around here. Generally, the really nice ones have trouble selling, because asking prices generally are out of line with what the market will bear.

But, like Scott, I'm a sucker for those big early 70s 'Stangs. My high school girlfriend drove a black '70 Convertible as her daily driver.

04-10-2005, 02:08 AM
Guys,I have a 73 Cougar convertable with the 351 & Beautiful-YES- Fast-YES,YES- Zack(Howard the Duck) loves the car........BUT It is the reason Japanise imports got their very lucrative start in America. She gives true meaning to the phrase"GAS GUZZILER" She drnks it with a straw-no two straws. My 390's in the T-birds get twice he mileage!! In this new day and age it is something to remember if this will be a daily driver. Randi /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jester.gif

04-10-2005, 09:45 AM
As far as the TR-6 goes my dads had over twenty of them so if he says it's a pretty good car I would assume it is....but I will double check the frame before going any farther. I had no intention of paying what they were asking I just posted to get an idea of what I should be paying so I can go from their(He kinda hinted that she might take something over $4500).
As soon as I get some free time a lunch this week I'll walk over and check out the Mustang....I don't wanna get my hopes up but I vaguely remeber seeing a chrome bumper in the front! and from what I could see I think it was green......Like I said before the house looks a little on the hillbilly side so I think I'll refrain from walking up with a camera, but if the owner is interested in selling I'll be back with a camera!


04-10-2005, 10:49 AM
Actually Zack, if the car isn't a Mach, just a plain jane fastback, you might be able to get a good deal on it. If you like the body style, and it's in good shape, you could probably pick it up for cheap and build a Mach 1 clone. This is of course provided you don't care about the car being an authentic Mach. As I said, most of the pieces that made up the Mach package are readily available used or repro. Throw on the rear deck spoiler, the chin spoiler, the Mach interior door panels, center console with gauges, etc. and you'd have a nice car. The thing about the 72-73 years was that absolutely every part of the Mach package was on the option list for any body style. You could order a convertible with the ram air hood, deck spoiler, etc, or a coupe, whatever. This is opposed to 71 when you could only get those pieces on the Mach itself. As a result you see alot of 72 or 73 "Mach 1 convertibles" which I think are really nice looking cars, but not real machs of course.

Anyway, theres nothing wrong with building a clone, as long as you do as as Sammy suggests and be up front about it with potential buyers. Plenty of Shelby clones out there, and I'm planning on building a 67 GT/CS clone (someday).

Good luck, and oh yeah, if you want all the details on the car write down all the codes off the body tag data plate. This gives you more than just the VIN, it should be located on the back face of the drivers side door. It gives the codes for interior trim level, axle ratio, and other options, I can run the codes for you if you like.

04-10-2005, 04:52 PM
Well I'll keep ya posted......just hope it isn't a 6 banger!Theres someone in our local classic car club with a Mach 1 Convertible......Very nice looking car.....Has anyone seen the Paul Brant Video "Home" What year is that Mustang(70??) I love the look of that car.

Thanks Again