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03-05-2013, 01:29 PM
I used Sumatomo 195/60/13 and loved them. Now, they are no longer produced. I can find a federal tire, in 205/60/13. Has anyone tried a tire that wide on the standard 5.5 inch alloy on a tr7 or tr8? I just like how the lower profile tires looks on the car, and the standard 185/70/13 has very few choices anyway. Thanks John

03-05-2013, 02:35 PM
205/60/13 is the size most people ran back in the day. A little wider than what is ideal for the rim, but they fit just fine. Now that there is such a limited number of choices in 13" tires, everybody is going to 15" rims with 205/50/15. Due to the inexact way that the TR7 shells were constructed, there is a slim chance that one or more tires may just barely rub an inner fender lip. A little gentle trimming of the protruding inner lip will take care of it. Whenever I repaint a wedge, I roll the fender lips. Makes getting 225s on there a breeze, but you can't roll them without cracking the paint.

03-05-2013, 09:54 PM
Gotta love TPA paint

03-10-2013, 10:12 PM
https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1349/1369133077_5da49f72c8.jpghttps://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47b7cf22b3127ccec2d2410e7edc00000010O00AZsmrZy5bOG IPbz4a/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00108699652320071103144649690.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/https://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47b7cf22b3127ccec2d39b24dfe700000010O00AZsmrZy5bOG IPbz4a/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00108699652320071103145631263.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/https://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47b7cf22b3127ccec2d345e1df4d00000010O00AZsmrZy5bOG IPbz4a/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00108699652320071103145631956.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/https://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47b7cf22b3127ccec2d3b6b71eca00000010O00AZsmrZy5bOG IPbz4a/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00108699652320071103145806234.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/https://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47b7cf22b3127ccec2d38ad31eb000000010O00AZsmrZy5bOG IPbz4a/cC/f%3D0/ls%3D00108699652320071103144651794.JPG/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D550/ry%3D400/

Here's some of my pics from a while back when i swapped my tires over from the original 185's to 205's .
Highly doubt the BFs's are still available , too bad as they have been good for me ......
Probably going to have to upgrade to 15's next time :greedy_dollars: