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04-01-2005, 11:23 PM
i have a Girling with 313310 on the housing. is it for a
sunbeam Tiger? it is on a modified healey 3000 with a ford
289 and toploader 4 speed.

04-19-2005, 01:24 PM
Tiger slave cylinders have the connections for the line and the bleeder pointing straight up when the cylinder sits flat. I don't recall the part number offhand and the modern repros don't carry a Girling number.

08-28-2005, 08:24 AM
i have a Girling with 313310 on the housing. is it for a
sunbeam Tiger? gregg

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7/8” bore slave cylinders with that casting number can be found on not only Tigers but all Cobras and 427 Cobras (originals from the 1960s that is) and I think 200 and 400 series Griffiths. I said can be. I work on original Cobras (mine and other peoples) and we have found several different castings / casting numbers on Cobras. The casting and assembly we believe to be the original production issue is very rare these days as Girling changed to a different casting and assembly almost immediately after AC Cars bought whatever stock they needed to build Cobras and 427 Cobras it seems. The cylinders that came on the cars when new all seemed to have a ball and screw bleeder assembly. The later service assemblies all seem to have a tapered tip one piece bleeder screw.

Cobra owners often get service replacement cylinders or rebuild kits from dealers in Tiger parts. They are generally lower cost if the name Cobra is not attached to them. The rebuild kits service all the various castings and assemblies. There is quite a bit of difference over the years in what the outer body is shaped like. I have three cylinders on the bench right now for repair and they are three different castings with three different numbers; 31330, 313350, and 313310. Not only are the numbers different but where they are on the casting varies with pattern number. The only one that is believed to be a genuine 1964 one is the 31330 from a 16,000 mile car that has not been driven much more than to and from a trailer since about 1970. It has the ball and screw bleeder. All the others have the tapered tip screw.