View Full Version : For Sale carbs and intakes

01-24-2013, 12:57 PM
I have two different carb/intakes that are like new but I have no need for them and hate to see them just
laying around the garage.

First set:
HIF6 with minispares intake complete with custom K&N and throttle cable.
Like new...flawless performer
$600 plus shipping
Second set:
Twin HS4s on a custom Maniflow intake complete with custom K&Ns throttle cable.
Like new Acme re-built carbs...a real performance setup.....$700 plus shipping

Neither set is cheap but both are top shelf units.
I think the prices are reasonable and I paid WAY more for them than I'm asking.
Before I give 'em away they can just hang around in the garage.

I can take pics of them as they sit for serious interested parties.
Both sets have been stored in large tupperware type bins since removal.
I'm currently using a set of custom Acme Speed Shop HS2s with a ported intake
hence no need of these other systems.