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Might be able to get into orbit with this..



Built by Tony Reynolds
Excerpts By Tony Reynolds

Cost to build $253,000.00
Sale price $175,000.00............. OBO

The motorcycle known as "the viper bike" started as a 2005 Boss Hoss ZZ4, model bhc-3 and is titled as so.
This bike has been extensively re-designed and re-engineered over a period of 5 years to it's completion in early 2010. It is now equipped with a 2004 dodge comp coupe SRT-10 8.3 ltr V-10 engine with 580hp, 730hp with the on board nitrous and has 630lb.ft. of torque. The engine is equipped with sequential Multi Point Fuel Injection. The engine is controlled with a Generation 3 JTEC computer system.
The generation 3 viper engine had never at the time been offered or sold by Dodge as a stand-alone engine for installation in a non-viper application, So we had to build the entire wiring and electrical system from scratch.
The viper engine had only been produced in its history with a manual transmission, so we had to make some changes to make it operate properly with the torque converter driven automatic trans. We had to design and build a flex plate style flywheel to replace the heavy cast iron clutch style flywheel. This process was complicated because the original flywheel also served as the triggering mechanism for the crank position sensor. We incorporated a reluctor ring into our flex plate flywheel to perfectly duplicate the signal seen by the ECM for crank position information.
It has the stock nesco/boss-hoss two speed semi-automatic transmission, which was designed for a Chevrolet engine. We had to build a custom bell housing to adapt the Viper engine to the boss hoss trans. Parts of the bell housing were made from billet aluminum, and other parts were made from titanium. The aluminum intake plenum and oil pan both required extensive redesigning and reshaping to fit in this application.
The exhaust headers were hand built from steel, ceramic coated, and the exhaust pipes are 3" stainless steel. All of the body panels, rear cowling, seat body, and hood scoop are hand designed with clay and built from fiberglass in house by Chris from the marine side of our business. It is equipped with custom designed controls by Performance Machine. The wheels and drive pulley are one-off custom made at an expense of over $10,000.00 The entire superstructure has been designed around this engine. The rake angle has been increased from 33 degrees to 50 degrees. The bike has a very manageable 4.3" of effective trail.
It weighs only 1085 lbs. average fuel economy is 18mpg. The seat is hand made of leather and Stingray hyde, and sits only 23" off the ground.
The origional paint was $6000.00. In later years extensive customizing was added, some of which included gauging, additional body molding, front forks and brakes, handlebars, windshield, RV mirrors, risers, frame reinforcements, lighting plus an added 3rd gas tank under the seat as well a complete upgrade to the fuel and electrical systems. The new paint job alone was an additional $12,000 investment.
Over 2500 man hours have been invested in the production of this bike. Three of us worked non-stop 38 days averaging 14 hrs per day in it's first phase of completeion for the origional 1st owner at a price tag of $150,000. A few years later the bike came back to me for it's "resorection" and completion for the new owner for a reported additional investment of over $100,000 split up among all involved. Most components of this bike were designed by myself as a "finished prototype" and produced to exacting specifications by our in house machinist-Greg Burke, Or Myself-Tony Reynolds. The components not built here, were built off site by John Triplett. We are especially proud of Johns work in the hidden axle design swing arm.
Most prototype or concept vehicles are neat to look at, but do not run or operate properly, or are simply "cobbled together" underneath. This concept bike is a finely tuned and finished product. There has been an attitude of "cost is not an object" instilled into everyone involved with the designing and production and financing of this bike.
It has created enormous interest by people in the automotive and motorcycle media.
The current owner has invested well over $250,000 since the bike went through it's final phase of completion in January 2010.

Note from the owner: This motorcycle is very manageable and easy to ride but it is not for a beginner and will not be sold to one at any price.

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The perfect bike for someone who needs to, well, compensate for something... <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/grin.gif

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:]Note from the owner: This motorcycle is very manageable and easy to ride but it is not for a beginner and will not be sold to one at any price.[/QUOTE]Ummm... and how many "beginners" do they think might even consider dropping $175K on their first bike?

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The perfect bike for someone who needs to, well, compensate for something... <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/grin.gif


+1 <<GRAEMLIN_URL>>/grin.gif