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08-06-2012, 10:37 PM
Does anyone know how to get into the site where the color wiring diagrams for TR6 and 250 are? I use to be able to type in 1974 tr6 wiring diagrams and the Advance auto wire site with color diagrams for all of the tr's would come up. Now some new site comes up and I can't figure it out.

08-06-2012, 10:50 PM
They need to renew their 'domain name' Tom.
In the meantime does this help ?

08-06-2012, 10:52 PM
Here's a trick I learned a long time ago : If there is some reference material on the web that you like, download it to your hard drive. It may not be on the web tomorrow!

Apparently, AAW has failed to pay their domain registration fees. Probably they will get it fixed in a day or two. In the meantime, try this:

08-07-2012, 06:38 AM
You can also use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Internet Archive of www.advanceautowire.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20110430165432/https://advanceautowire.com/)