View Full Version : Spitfire '65 Spit window regulator installation tips needed

07-23-2012, 09:15 AM
'Bout to start re-installing the passenger side window regulator on my '65 MKII.

Anybody have some helpful tips such as how to keep the inside-the-door-panel washers in place while trying to line up the parts that have to be bolted from outside the panel?

Any "must do in this order" steps? [Haynes isn't totally accurate on this]

The plan is to first put the weather seals in

Then put the guides in place but not bolt them, as they will probably have to be moved around a bit while lining up the assembly

Then slide the assembly in the door cavity and bolt it in place and bolt the guides.

Then slide the glass [with the rubber seal taped to the bottom window edge] down into the track

Then go have a beer.

Peter in Charlottesville