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07-18-2012, 01:19 PM
Long story short, my wife bought me a Grand Wagoneer shortly after we started dating. We would go to parades in it, back up to the road and sit inside facing out leaning up against the folded up rear seat. Floats would go by and pepople would lob beads inside the truck to us.

It was perfect, nice and comfy out of the sun and/or cold no need to pick up or fight over beads. That truck was a lot of "firsts" for me. First automatic trans I ever rebuilt. 1st 4X4, 1st AMC/Jeep product, 1st SUV among other things. When we moved here I hardly drove it as it drank gas. It sat under the pole shed for about a year. I couldn't justify keeping it but hated to get rid of it but almost had to. I needed the room.

I sold it after Katrina to a guy who planned on living in it while he fixed his house. It was a beautiful truck. I had always hoped to see it again some day, perhaps at a car show. I often wished I still had it..or at least the engine and headers I put on it as to use them on the Javelin.

I've been looking for GW parts to use on the Javelin for a few weeks. While in a new junkyard the other day, I spotted a white GW. I didn't think anything of it as I looked it over for goodies. It had been jacked up w/ blocks and shakles. Some yahoo had once had big mud tires on it and the underside was caked with mud. It wasn't nice and well kept like my old one was.

The Standard Blue Strek soleniod stood out for some reason but never paid any mind to it. I looked at the exhast, it had headers...Headman headers...just like my old truck.

I looked closer, it had a dual inlet/outlet flowmaster exiting the passengerside....just like my old truck. I looked further, it had the aftermartket trans drain plug installed....just like my old truck, the welded p/s bracket...chipped paint behind the grill...EXACT markings in the driver's seat....door shutting sound....once suspected rust areas blooming......suspected passenger rear woodgrain panel fading more than the others.

I couldn't believe it was mine. When it left it was in such good shape. This thing looked terrible. I stood there in disbelief for at least 30 minutes trying to get my head around the fact that it was the truck I dated my wife in. I've come arcross cars that had passed through my hands in junkyards before but this was different. This one meant something to me.

I got the key out of it as a keepsake and the alterator brackets (Delco) but wish I could have gotten more. The interior was still in really good shape. I thought of using the seats to make loveseats out of for the house but we don't have room. (Seen some done like that and they were cool.) I may or may not have teared up on the way home. It was a really sad day. I couldn't believe it was in such poor shape and neglected.

After much deliberation and boredom, I decided to pull the engine and headers. I don't like pulling engines in a junkyard but was willing to make an exception.

Well, got the engine out and home along with the headers. ODO shows 118K, IIRC, I either bought or sold it w/ 112K so it didn't go far since I sold it. I haven't gotten it all the way down yet but it looks pretty good so far.

Gonna use pieces or the whole thing for the Jav. Will use it to take the Mrs. for ice cream!

I buttoned the truck up as best I could. I wanted her to have some dignity in her final days. I pulled the emblems off and stuck "GrandWagonner" and the "4X4" one in the crevis of an oak tree a few feet away for where she sat as a sort of grave marker for when she is gone.

It's really sad but I'm glad I still have her heart. :thumbsup:

Sharing this isn't easy though.. :frown:

07-18-2012, 03:29 PM
I wouldn't go the the local yard for months after I sent them my Galaxie. It was TOTALLY SHOT. But I couldn't bear to see it in the yard.
That was pre-craigslist. Nowadays I could have found someone who wanted it for more than scrap.
Havin the Javlin with the "Heart transplant" from your old Wagoneer will be pretty neat. Even I can see the symbolism in that.

07-18-2012, 05:40 PM
Long story short. :frown:

I want the long story. :devilgrin:

07-18-2012, 05:45 PM
Long story short. :frown:

I want the long story. :devilgrin:

I only have so much server space!

07-18-2012, 07:51 PM
Long story short. :frown:

I want the long story. :devilgrin:

I only have so much server space!

This is just the ending! :laugh: