View Full Version : I have an E Type to trade or sell

08-31-2002, 12:03 AM
I have a 64 E FHC.The car is in very good shape,recently found it in Mississippi,I have to admit it is my first Jag--or for that matter--my first true sports car.Anyway,I have realised that I'm a muscle car guy.The car sat for probably 15yrs or so.It was in a heated and cooled building.The previous owner had the car for 30 yrs or so.He had it painted,and serviced at a restoration shop in Jackson where he lived.The interior does need to be finished.I have driven it a number of times to work and back,and a few car shows.People just love the way the car looks.I have changed the cooling fan for a modern one,but I do have the original,and it is in great shape.The car is very-very complete,I have an original shop manual and the maintenance chart and the owners manual.It is green with a black int.I do have some documentation from the Jaguar historical dept. on the cars origin and spec's.Anyway,I feel I need to let the car go to someone that appreciates the car the way it is.If I keep it I know I'll do something that will ruin the car for future owners,or it's value.I'm just a car nut looking for a new car.This car from what I understand,is too important for me to cut up and modify the way I like to build my cars.If you or someone you know might be interested,let me know. bkstg1@aol.com