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05-22-2012, 10:30 PM
So, after some friends came over to help swap out what turned out to be a perfectly good head gasket to solve my overheating issues, we put the engine back together. Since it hadn't exhibited any cracked head symptoms, we started it up and it ran flawlessly with the cap off.

My friend got out his tape measure only to find that my cap was wrong. Although it was the one listed for TR6's, it was too short in length. Every cap I owned was 3/4" except for the dry rotted Healey ones on the shelf.

I bought a 1" depth cap for TR3/4 that is now working just fine. My fan relay shorted out causing the engine to overheat, and no eruptions like before.

A trip to a fellow club member's garage found that he is also running the wrong cap, though his car isn't overheating. I guess my engine was because of the upgraded build.

My car problem is solved. Check your cap and radiator inlet depth to make sure it's correct.

Now I have to figure out why this stinking computer deleted my first two nearly completed attempts at this post.

Tonight, we fixed the fan problem, and mounted an interior lamp to show that the fan is running. We also installed a power source for a GPS or cell phone charge. The stereo and overdrive are working again.

The car is back in business. I have no excuses for not making the breakfast runs and other events I been missing for the past two years.

05-22-2012, 11:36 PM
A wrong cap! I didn't even think the depth mattered. I'll pay attention to that in the future, thanks.

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too bad you replaced a head gasket to find out the radiator cap was bad

sometimes the fixes are simple

great job