View Full Version : Wedge More TR 8 electronic questions

04-20-2012, 10:04 PM
I am dumb. On the wedges dash dimmer switch, how do the four wires go? I have two black wires (one double black wire) and the DPO has two red wires, one with a white stripe. If that doesn't help, a general idea of how it was supposed to work would be a huge help.

I am still lost with the headlights. They both worked last spring, now only one lights up and neither pop. I am thinking of getting a new light harness between the lights

04-20-2012, 10:52 PM
I'm pretty sure black wires will always be ground or earth. Double ones same same.

04-21-2012, 06:50 AM
Dimmer switch should not have a ground. It's a rheostat. Two terminals on the back, but they are each double terminals. Why, I don't know other than for easy way to pull lighting for auxiliary gauges. Single red wire is power in straight from the fuse. That goes on one of the top terminals. Double red with white stripe goes on one of the bottom terminals and leads to all dash illumination. Honestly it probably doesn't matter which terminals they go on so long as they are both not on the same double terminal. The only "factory" black wire that should be connected to anything back here is a double black that connects to the housing on the cig lighter. If you have another set of black wires, I'd bet they are illumination for an extra gauge. Red wire is full 12 volts. Red and white is dimmed voltage. Your head light issues are probably dirty connections. Over the winter they corroded up and now are not allowing full 12 voltage to pass thru them. They in essence are acting like resistors. Just had a similar thing happen with my fuel pump. Pulled the grey TR8 to take my daughter to soccer. Started it up and drove it out of the garage. Left it running while I stowed the top. Engine just shut off. Turned out to be fuel pump wasn't getting full voltage thru the connections. Cleaned them up and now it runs fine again. If it turns out to be the harness, I just finished parting out a TR7 and snagged the whole harness.