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04-11-2012, 10:18 PM
So I decided to rebuild the front suspention on my recently purchased 1969 TR6 as I could see the bushing looking in poor shape. So off came the A Arms, shocks, trunnions, ball joints, coil springs Etc, Upon further inspection I found that the right side rear A-Arm mount was cracked and separating around the welds! Closer look I see that some PO had totally did a back yard job of re-welding the broken mounting bracket. So whats my choice pull the engine and get the job done right! right! (I was planning on pulling the engine/Trans at a later date anyway! I ordered the new bracket and gussets from TRF and out came the engine

After removing engine/trans I find that the trans fitted is a later J type Overdrive unit which has been fitted into my none OD frame! ( Another back yard job! None of the OD wires were connected and a hack of a rear mount was installed but it drove fine! So now my question is do I have the trans checked out and re-install the OD trans after fitting the correct mounts or source the correct 4 speed box/ Decisions decisions! Now I have the engine out I guess I better remove and check the clutch cylinder head and drop the pan! Oh while doing that maybe check the clutch, rebuild the starter , water pump alternator and carbs! Better keep smiling cause I was planning on attacking the trailing arms after I complete the now more extensive front end job! If any one has good detail pics of the front and rear of the right rear A-Arm mounting brackets please post here or send to me at Alanrdiver@aol.com I will keep you posted on what else is hiding under the covers? :smile:

04-12-2012, 06:45 AM

It sounds like my old house. I once went to change a light socket and ended up with a $10K redo of the entire bathroom.

04-12-2012, 07:24 AM
Just don't get too far into the "While I'm here, I might as well do this" mode. It could be years before the restoration is completed.

04-12-2012, 11:19 AM
Keep the overdrive...for sure..you won't be disappointed

04-14-2012, 11:48 AM
Well yes I will be keeping the overdrive trans and have sent it off to get checked out, ordered new rear engine mounting rubbers (Have the correct bracket and will have to move mounting tabs further back to be able to mount it and get the electrics and switches set up correctly

I removed the cylinder head and found it to be a later style (1973+) duel springs! so off it went to the machine shop for a valve job and hardened seats Will be checking out the engines lower end and will deal with whatever we find hopefully nothing too major. (I know Im kidding!)

Probably should service the carbs while they are off so just another project on the shelf!

Now we can get back to the working on the front end replacing both A-Arm rear mounting brackets and adding gussets this weekend! Then a coat or two of POR 15 paint and start to rebuild the front suspention with new lowered springs, rebuilt calipers new rotors & pads, wheel bearings tunnions, ball joints, tie rod ends, thicker sway bar and quick ratio rack and pinion unit! I have both the original mounting bracket with poly inserts or solid alloy any advice on which I should install?

I had the a-arm brackets, spring pans and links powder coated silver hammertight and the caliper and coil springs bright red and with a new painted black frame hopefully she will all function as good as she's going to look!

Still moving forward just taking a few side step"s along the way! :smile: