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04-09-2012, 05:18 PM
I recently purchased a set of Dayton wire wheels that are supposed to be capable of being run tubeless. Wondering if others have had experience with them?? Should I run them tubeless or fit tubes?? Can I really trust a wire wheel without a tube?? Input please..


04-09-2012, 05:25 PM
Kurt...I purchased some Daytons a year ago. the tire shop that mounted the tires for me took electrical tape and wound around the inner part of the wheel...not sure for what reason as there was no tube to rub on the spokes...but he did it any way...and a year later...still doing just fine. good luch. Gil NoCal

04-09-2012, 05:37 PM
I love the look of wire wheels, but hate tube tires. Your experience with the Dayton's and tubeless tires has been good then? I may be looking at a set in the future.

04-09-2012, 05:37 PM
Mine seem fine with no tubes. The left rear did slowly go down over about a 5 year period (car has been non-op since 2005), but that's about what I would expect with tubes.

Most modern tires are not rated for use with tubes, and high speed tubes are getting harder and harder to find. I'll continue going tubeless in spite of the slow leak.

04-09-2012, 05:51 PM
I love the look of wire wheels, but hate tube tires. Your experience with the Dayton's and tubeless tires has been good then?
I did have one bad wheel, but they replaced it under warranty. The downside was that the warranty was FOB Dayton, I had to pay shipping both ways and use the spare for a few weeks. But after that I put perhaps 15,000 miles on them with no problem, except the Dunlop tires wore out pretty quick. Had to stop and buy a new pair of tires on the way to the 2005 VTR (where I took 1st in class in the autocross).


04-09-2012, 08:34 PM
Great, when I finish this Hathaway, getting wires for it, instead of the minilites that I had purchased when it was still going to be a TR6 is one the top of my list for cosmetics. Cant have a 30s roadster without wire wheels !

04-10-2012, 01:01 PM
Well I appreciate the info. I always liked haveing a tube tire since I could fix them myself while on the road. Decent radial tubes have become a thing of the past though. Last ones I purchased were supposed to fit everything from 13" thru 15". I reused my old ones since it looked as if the tube would be folded over on a 13". Guess I'll give them a try tubeless.


04-10-2012, 01:40 PM
I'm not sure it is an option on tube or tubless if the wheel is made for one or the other. Breaking the bead on a tubless tire is a chore by hand. Back in the day I changed plenty of real rubber tires by hand on wheels made for tubes. Before you make any nostalgic decisions look at the rim code ( 'J' may be tubless) and note what it will do to your plan to remove a tire on the side of the highway.

(but do keep the Monkey Grip patch kit in the tool roll for show)

04-10-2012, 07:28 PM
I assume you are talking about the "safety beads", those bumps just inboard of where the tire bead sits against the wheel. Contrary to urban myth, they are not required for tubeless tires; nor do they prevent using tubes.

But almost certainly, any new wheel is going to have them. They are a good safety feature, whether or not you use tubes. (The intent is to help keep the tire on the rim after a flat/blowout.)

This is a truck wheel, just the first photo I found that clearly showed the safety beads:


04-11-2012, 11:56 AM

Just clarifying, are you running Daytons set up for tubeless tires or some other wire rims? Just curious.



04-11-2012, 09:37 PM
Yes, the Stag shown above is wearing Dayton tubeless wire wheels.