View Full Version : Spitfire Spitfire/Midget transmission questions

03-21-2012, 04:08 AM
This is a repeat of a post that I made yesterday over on the Spridgets forum. Good and usefull stuff coming in there, but I still haven't gotten the information that I need to safely remove the speedo drive gear from the out-put shaft. Any first hand experience would be appreciated.


Someone brought a 1500cc gear box to me semi stripped of it's outside stuff and said "fix it". I've been through a number of LBC transmissions but not one of these.

Is there a way to accurately identify which model it came from, Midget or Spitfire?

I have taken most of it apart, but have run into something that I should ask about before I break it.

The speedo drive gear on the output shaft is very reluctant to depart from it's perch on the shaft and with the gear itself being plastic I don't want to break that part trying to drive it off. It looks like it was pressed on without snap rings to locate it.

Any words to the wise as to how to get it off without a disaster?


In looking at this thing I already know that I am going to need a reverse idler and the 1-2 speed gear hub, and possibly the cluster. Moss shows NLS on the cluster and the hub, so I am going to need another vendor on at least those bits. Any suggestions?