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03-18-2012, 01:53 PM
Well, I'm in a bit of a bind. I've got an oil drain plug with a badly stripped head. It's holding fine, now, but it's preventing me doing my spring oil change. I'm sure I can get the plug out...eventually. I just don't know if it will be suitable for reuse when I'm done with it.

The problem is, I can't easily replace it. This one is a rare part. I've got a 1976 CA spec 1500 with the remote dipstick on the driver's side of the engine. The oil drain plug goes through the bottom of the dipstick tube, and has a hole through it that allows the oil to come into the tube for reading the level. So a regular replacement drain plug won't work. I could probably fit a regular replacement in the hole, but only if I don't use the diptstick tube. Running without a dipstick isn't a good idea, as anyone reading this forum knows.

So, Question 1: Does anyone have a spare plug such as I need? Moss provides a helpful part number (328-535), but none available. No Vicky Brit, NW, or Spitbits help apparently, either. Rimmer probably won't even have heard of it, since this was a strictly American version.

Question 2: Does anyone have any good tips for extraction and rejuvenation of a brass plug with a rounded head? I suppose I could file the flats to the next smaller size, but I'm sure that sounds easier than it is to get right and still have enough metal to turn it.

I try pretty hard not to over torque it, but here we are. Any help appreciated.

03-18-2012, 02:37 PM
Interesting. From the Moss diagram, that appears to be what is more commonly known as a "banjo bolt". Do you happen to know what threads it has? If they are common threads, it shouldn't be too hard to drill a standard bolt to suit. In that case I would probably just drill out the existing bolt, and make a new one.

Hard to tell sizes from the diagram, but another approach might be to drill and tap the existing bolt for a smaller plug (like maybe 1/8" NPT).

FWIW, the Stanpart number appears to be UKC3996. I couldn't find any place that lists it as available, but the number might help. It might be worth giving British Pacific a call; sometimes Steve can source some rare Triumph parts.

03-18-2012, 09:13 PM
Thanks for the tips, Randall.

I'm not so sure it would be all that easy to drill out a standard bolt, but I'll keep that in mind as a last resort.

I got a few tips from the Triumph Experience forum too. I was looking at it today with my garage buddy and we thought about eliminating the remote dipstick and putting the more typical right-side dipstick in place. If I understand it correctly, there is already a tapped hole for the purpose, fitted with a plug. That shouldn't be too hard to remove. There's just the matter of coming up with a new dipstick and tube. Parts which are also N/A everywhere I've checked. Although I'm guessing it will be easier to find those for the more standard configuration than to find the rare-bird banjo bolt I need.

I'm guessing they did this spec to make room on the starboard side for the CA spec smog gear. Which, of course, hasn't been in the way for many years now.

I'll let you know what was the path of least resistance when I've done it. Any help is still appreciated meanwhile. I've got a local British Motoring Club meeting tomorrow and I'll try to attend and see if one of my fellow 1500 owners shows up with a differently configured car I can make some notes of.

03-18-2012, 09:20 PM
Yeah, I would exhaust all sources before diverging from original. Have you tried Spitbits, Team Triumph, and TRF? I think it would not hurt to ask Rimmer and Canley Classics. Also, maybe you should contact the North American Spitfire Squadron guys to see if they have any leads.

Good luck!

03-18-2012, 11:26 PM
The difficulty of drilling a bolt depends on lot on the tools at hand. Pretty tough if all you have is a sharp stick; but not hard at all with a drill press & vice. :smile:

Even if you eliminate the banjo, you're still going to need a bolt/plug to fit the threads. They might be the same as the standard plug, but I wouldn't want to bet on that without checking.

BTW, I checked TRF, Rimmer & Canley. They all list it as NLS.

03-20-2012, 08:25 AM
Try these guys...


03-21-2012, 03:38 PM
Thanks for the link, Scott.

I think I really like the idea of putting the dipstick on the starboard side, as God intended, though. My "original" configuration was a second-best work around and the banjo fitting is a persistent leak point. Which is probably why I over torqued it in the first place, even though I think of myself as more careful than that.

I did get a chance to look at a club buddy's car (same year 1500, but the standard spec) to verify that it goes together the way I think it does. Now all I need to do is find a dipstick, and the little sleeve that it fits into. Not there yet, but it seems more promising that way.

05-14-2012, 09:59 PM
Quick update (although it took me a month or so to finally get around to doing the work) I ultimately replaced the original banjo bolt with a gently used one from another forum member.

Nigel at Spitbits pointed out that, although he could provide a new dipstick, etc, it wouldn't be desireable to drill out the block plug to put a typical right-side dipstick because you can't guarantee you won't introduce dross into the the sump from the drilling.

New old plug bolt fits great and no leaks. Well, that's not true. But no more than before :smile: Thanks all for helping me bat the problem around.