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02-09-2005, 10:47 AM
Hello all,

I have been bitten by the Mini bug and am looking at purchasing a Mini here in Chile where I live.

However, my question is how do I tell which motor the Mini has, whether it is 850cc, 998cc, 1275cc or 1380cc. Is there a difference in block size? Or are the larger motors just bored out more?

I ask because I am looking at a Mini 850 with what the owner claims is a 1380cc motor, but I have my doubts. I assume a test drive against a legitimate 850 would immediate demonstrate differences in power, but barring that, how do I tell?

Any links or websites to info on Mini engines would be very helpful.

Also, is it true in the UK that there are no chassis VIN numbers? Here in Chile there are only engine numbers.



02-09-2005, 07:57 PM
An 850 would be real slow. A 1380 would have some good pep. I've had both. 850, 998, 997, 1098 are "small bore". 970, 1071, 1275 are "large/big bore". A 1380 is a much overbored 1275. An easy, but not absolute, way to tell the difference between small and large bore motors is to look at the heater tap on the cylinder head. Small bores have it perpendicular to the head, large bores have it diagonal. In the picture is a large bore motor. The green and blue dots are where the heater tap gets bolted to the head. I don't have one on my motor, but the holes are cast in the head. I say "not absolute" way of identifying because large bore heads have can be put on small bore blocks with some machining. (The stud holes are the same on both blocks.) While small bore heads can be put on large blocks, it is impractical.

A good site to learn about minis is https://www.minimania.com

Hope this helps.