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09-22-2011, 05:51 PM
I just found out that Jimmy's Picnic will be held again this year. It
is on Saturday October 15, 2011, still being held at Speedway Meadow.
I hear they are limiting the car filed to 500, which I think is
smaller than in the past.

They've raised the cutoff year to 1980 this year (used to be '72), but
hopefully there will still be mostly the older classics.

More details at links below:




I have lots of pix of past years shows. If anyone is interested, I'll post links.

09-22-2011, 10:02 PM
Jimmy's a great guy! Jimmy the gardener. I was a gardener too. Known him long time. He and I have had 59' Apache shortbeds for years and used to see each other around a lot. The powers that be have been messing with his event bad. Glad to see the picnic goes on.

09-23-2011, 12:02 AM
One of the best car shows around especially for variety and a great venue. Not to be missed if you dig everything from rat rods to daily drivers to concours level cars. Not a lot of foreign cars, but usually a peppering of British, Italian, and Japanese.

Unfortunately, Jimmy's not calling the shots anymore, but in spite of lots of turmoil, it's been able to continue the last two years. With so many communities killing off some of the best shows, it's great to have this one survive.

09-23-2011, 12:27 AM
I wish Jimmy had picked a different weekend, as the all british show is in Morgan Hill, CA that weekend. Now I have to choose.......

09-23-2011, 01:44 AM
well, here's a small sample...